5 Major Fashion Brands Entering The Bodywear Movement


30 May 2024

5 Major Fashion Brands Entering The Bodywear Movement

The bodywear movement is transforming fashion with sustainability, consumer awareness, and multifunctional clothing. Through real-world examples, we explore the strategies, successes, and challenges these brands face, highlighting how technological advancements, sustainable practices, and innovative designs are transforming the industry.

The bodywear movement represents a paradigm shift in the fashion industry, driven by a fusion of sustainability, consumer awareness, and the demand for multifunctional clothing. It’s not just about undergarments anymore; bodywear encompasses a wide range of clothing designed to enhance comfort, support, and style for the modern individual.

Here at Bodywear Lab, we recognise the brands leading this movement with innovative products that truly resonate with the market. That is why we’ve curated case studies to provide insight into how these brands are not just surviving but thriving in today’s ever-evolving market landscape, so you can see why the bodywear movement is vital to understand for any business in the industry. 

Through real-world examples, we’ll explore the strategies, successes, and challenges faced by leading brands and innovators in the bodywear sector. These case studies offer a glimpse into the fascinating stories behind the transformation of bodywear, showcasing how technological advancements, sustainable practices, and innovative design concepts are reshaping the industry.

Join us as we uncover the journeys of Knix, Reformation, American Eagle: Aerie, Hastko and Evelyn & Bobbie each representing a unique approach to redefining bodywear. From Knix’s strategic evolution to Reformation’s commitment to sustainability and Hastko’s innovative hybrid products, these brands exemplify the diversity and creativity driving the bodywear movement forward.


Knix has undergone a noteworthy transformation, strategically leveraging technological advancements and a keen understanding of market dynamics to transition from offering period pants to a comprehensive range of everyday shapewear for multiple generations. This evolution aligns with the broader bodywear movement, reflecting a nuanced response to consumer preferences and demands.

In 2013, Knix entered the market with the introduction of Leakproof Underwear, a pioneering solution addressing menstrual needs. Subsequently, in 2015, Knix demonstrated agility by unveiling its first wireless bra, a move that underscored its commitment to blending comfort with functionality, catering to evolving consumer expectations. Knix then distinguished itself by embracing inclusivity, featuring real women of diverse ages, sizes, and backgrounds on its platform. This approach not only resonated with consumers seeking authentic representation but also set a precedent for the industry.

Recognising an underserved demographic, Knix ventured into the teen and tween market in 2017 with the launch of Kt by Knix, specifically tailored to address the unique needs of this cohort with period underwear. This strategic move highlighted Knix’s ability to identify and respond to niche market segments.In 2019, Knix challenged industry norms by launching a lingerie campaign exclusively featuring women aged 50 to 81, thereby championing diversity and inclusivity. This initiative not only challenged age-related stereotypes but also positioned Knix as a trailblazer within the bodywear space. By 2022, Knix further solidified its brand positioning through the Confidence Tour, an empowering event aimed at fostering self-assurance and body positivity. This initiative underscored Knix’s commitment to empowerment beyond product offerings, reinforcing its brand ethos.

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Central to Knix’s success are its core values, which serve as guiding principles informing its strategic decisions. Emphasising simplicity, boldness, honesty, customer-centricity, future care, and excellence, these values shape Knix’s identity and resonate with its target audience. Moreover, Knix demonstrates social responsibility through initiatives such as Kt by Knix, aimed at supporting teens and encouraging customers to donate returned bras, thereby fostering a sense of community and sustainability.

Knix’s success story is characterised by its adeptness in harnessing technology, responsiveness to market demands, and steadfast commitment to its core values. By embracing innovation while championing inclusivity and empowerment, Knix has positioned itself as a leader in bodywear innovation, poised for continued growth and relevance in the dynamic retail landscape.


Reformation, the renowned Los Angeles-based brand recognised for its unwavering dedication to sustainability, is venturing into the realm of bodywear with a new focus on swimwear. This move is a response to the increasing demand from consumers for stylish yet environmentally responsible options in swim attire. Dubbed Ref Swim, Reformation’s latest swim line embodies the brand’s commitment to sustainability and fashion. Although Reformation previously introduced a small swimwear range in 2019 alongside its debut shoe collection, the brand’s dedication to sustainability prompted a reassessment of its approach. 

The original collection, while stylish, did not meet Reformation’s strict sustainability standards due to its use of regenerated nylon fabric. However, with the latest iteration of Ref Swim, Reformation takes a significant step forward in eco-friendliness, albeit with a slightly higher price point typical of the brand’s sustainable products. This decision to launch a permanent swim line underscores Reformation’s unwavering commitment to sustainability and its ongoing mission to redefine fashion with a conscience. With its new swimwear line, Reformation exemplifies how brands can expand into new categories while maintaining their commitment to sustainability and style.Conscious about environmental impact? Here at Bodywear Lab, we aim to put the planet first, implementing sustainability measures to keep our carbon footprint low.


American Eagle, a renowned fashion brand, has strategically expanded its product line by venturing into activewear with its new brand, Aerie. This move comes in response to shifting consumer preferences towards comfortable and versatile apparel suitable for both leisure and active pursuits. The decision to launch Aerie as an activewear brand reflects American Eagle’s strategic foresight and adaptability to evolving market dynamics. By leveraging its existing brand equity and customer base, American Eagle positioned Aerie to cater to a diverse range of consumers, including those seeking trendy activewear options. The brand’s decision to expand its activewear line after experiencing early success underscores the effectiveness of this strategic move.

Aerie distinguishes itself in the activewear market by emphasising inclusivity, body positivity, and sustainability. The brand’s commitment to offering diverse sizing options and featuring unretouched models resonates with consumers seeking authenticity and representation in the fashion industry, especially with younger demographics such as Gen Z. Furthermore, Aerie’s focus on sustainable materials and ethical production practices aligns with the growing eco-consciousness among consumers, enhancing the brand’s value proposition and competitive edge.  

The initial success of Aerie’s activewear line serves as a testament to American Eagle’s ability to identify and capitalise on emerging market opportunities. With positive consumer feedback and strong sales performance, Aerie has established itself as a formidable player in the activewear segment, poised for continued growth and expansion. By introducing innovative designs, expanding distribution channels, and deepening customer engagement through targeted marketing initiatives, American Eagle can further strengthen Aerie’s presence in the market and appeal to their target market. 

American Eagle’s strategic expansion into activewear with the launch of Aerie demonstrates the brand’s agility in responding to shifting consumer preferences and market trends. By leveraging its established brand identity and embracing inclusivity and sustainability, Aerie has successfully carved a niche in the competitive activewear market. With a strong foundation and promising outlook, Aerie is poised to further elevate American Eagle’s position as a leading player in the fashion industry.


The French brand is revolutionising the bodywear market with its innovative approach to hybrid products, particularly in its fusion of lingerie and sportswear. Specialising in creating garments that seamlessly transition from everyday wear to active pursuits, Hastko stands out for its unique product offerings catering to diverse, active lifestyles. At the forefront of this movement is the brand’s introduction of underwear-inspired designs tailored for athletic activities. 

A standout example of Hastko’s ingenuity is their removable gel insert for equestrian riding knickers. This intelligent design aspect ensures both comfort and functionality for riders, allowing them to tailor their attire for their specific needs. Whether riding for leisure or competition, Hatsko’s attention to detail and commitment to versatility allows their products to truly meet the needs of their consumers. By embracing hybridization within bodywear, Hatsko is setting a new standard in the industry and for the market. With their dedication to innovation and commitment to quality, Hastko continues to lead the charge in redefining the boundaries of fashion and functionality in the modern wardrobe.



Evelyn & Bobbie stands at the forefront of bodywear innovation with their pioneering approach to hybridization in underwear products, particularly through their incorporation of advanced fabric technology. Central to their offerings is the EB Core®, a patented seamless lamination design that elevates comfort and support by lifting three-dimensionally, providing a unique solution to traditional underwear design.

In addition to its innovative construction, Evelyn & Bobbie underwear boasts anti-odour and moisture-wicking properties, ensuring freshness and dryness throughout the day. The smoothing, seamless design ensures invisibility under clothing, offering a sleek silhouette without sacrificing comfort. Recognising the importance of ergonomic design, Evelyn & Bobbie has engineered their underwear to reduce shoulder and neck pain, with thinner straps that sit wide on the shoulders rather than exerting pressure on delicate neck muscles. This thoughtful approach extends to customizable modesty levels, with removable cups allowing wearers to tailor their comfort preferences.

Evelyn & Bobbie’s commitment to comfort is further underscored by their low-cut back and neckline, offering versatility in wardrobe choices while providing a comfortable lift. Their underwear is designed for ease of wear, allowing wearers to either pull it on over their head or step into it, catering to individual preferences and people with different abilities. Moreover, Evelyn & Bobbie’s underwear is not only fashion-forward but also functional, making it an ideal choice for post-surgery recovery, addressing scarring, or providing relief for nerve sensitivity. By seamlessly integrating technology, comfort, and functionality, Evelyn & Bobbie is setting a new standard in bodywear hybridization, redefining the underwear experience for modern consumers.

The rise of bodywear represents a paradigm shift in the fashion industry, driven by sustainability, consumer awareness, and the need for multifunctional clothing. The emergence of bodywear as a new, hybrid category offers ample opportunities for fashion contour brands to innovate their product offerings, as well as tap into white spaces where niche markets are ready and waiting to buy. By embracing this movement, adapting to evolving consumer preferences, relinquishing strict product definitions and changing business models, businesses can thrive in this dynamic landscape.

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5 Major Fashion Brands Entering The Bodywear Movement

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What is Brands of Tomorrow

Brands of Tomorrow is a curated program, designed to support the growth of an exclusive group of creative entrepreneurs embarking on the journey to develop their businesses in the bodywear sector.

Interested? Find out more on our sister company,
London Contour Experts website.